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A customized approach to the Art world.

There are many paths towards Art.

In response to the mundane environment of traditional art galleries, amateurs are increasingly inclined to rely on passionate professionals who travel the world in search of both new and recognised talents.

This is precisely what Manon Amirkhanian and Céline Rougeron do. After several years of managing a gallery in the heart of Nice, they decided to break away from the inflexible and conventional approach to Art, which by its very nature limited their horizons. Hand in hand with the loyal artists of "old version" Original Gallery, these two Art lovers share with you their finds, both upcoming artists and established names, in a cosy environment. Original Gallery is renowned for its cocktail receptions, which with their limited number and select quality of guests are reminiscent of the artistic salons of the XVIII century.

Continuing this tradition, Céline and Manon invite you into an intimate setting where you will discover the artists in whom they believe. They also organize exhibitions in unconventional places, or even in the privacy of your own home where guests might mingle in the corridors and mix between rooms that have been temporarily transformed into an art gallery.

The friendly atmosphere maintained by the hostesses encourages simple and authentic exchanges, which make the charm of these evenings. Whether you are a first-time buyer or an experienced collector, they will welcome and guide you. Great listeners, they will understand your preferences and requirements so as to find the artists best suited to your sensibilities. They will present you with a personalized portfolio by simple appointment. Wherever you might be in the world, they are ready to share their passion and assist you in your acquisitions. Without pretence or elitism, conviviality, quality and integrity offer us another path towards Art.

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